Topic Name Description
Zoom at UniSA Page Invite External Presenters or Participants
Page Short Videos on using Zoom at UniSA
Page Setup multiple Presenters or Tutors in Zoom
Page Setup to Increase Engagement
Page Check your App Version
Page Check your UniSA sign in
Page Enable Interactive Tools
Page Customise Security in Zoom
Page Overview
Page Check Bandwidth
Page Add a Zoom Activity In learnonline
Page Roles in Zoom at UniSA
Page How to Schedule Meetings
Page Schedule for Someone
Page Assign Alternative Hosts
Page Pre-Assign Breakout Rooms
Page Audio in Zoom
Page Zoom Webinars and Large Meetings
Page Share a Zoom Invite
Page Zoom Training
Page Zoom Whiteboard
Page Add Polls
Page Remote Desktop with Zoom
Page Join a Meeting as a Participant
Page Start a Meeting as host or Alternate-Host
Page Add a Co-Host in a Meeting
Page Join a Webinar or Town Hall Meeting
Page Manage a meeting
Page Views in Zoom
Page Managing Participants
Page Sharing Screens in Zoom
Page Breakout Rooms in Zoom
Page Zoom on Mobile Devices
Page Record in Zoom
Page Accessing Zoom Recordings
Page Zoom Transcription with Panopto
Page View or Download Zoom Attendance List
Page About Zoom Webinars and Large Meetings
Page Zoom Webinar Features
Page Zoom Webinar Getting Started
Page Zoom Webinar Roles
Page New Features in UniSA Zoom - release 24 September 2020

New features due to be released 24 September 2020.

Page Zoom Activity Settings

Describes the Zoom activity settings as of 24/09/20 release.

Page Schedule for in learnonline
Page Zoom Recordings Course Folder

The Zoom Recordings Course Folder was added 24 September 2020.

Page Zoom Cloud Recordings
Page Zoom Transcript
Page Zoom Closed Captions
Peer Assessment Page Peer Review Overview
Page Adding the Workshop Activity
Page Workshop Settings
Page Workshop Settings - General
Page Workshop Settings - Grading Settings
Page Workshop Settings - Submission Settings
Page Workshop Settings - Assessment Settings
Page Workshop Settings - Feedback
Page Workshop Settings - Example Submissions
Page Workshop Settings - Availability
Page Workshop Phases Overview
Page Setup Phase
Page Setup Phase - Edit Assessment Form
Page Setup Phase - Add & Assess an Example Submission
Page Submission Phase
Page Assessment Phase
Page Assessment Phase - Allocating Submissions
Page Assessment Phase - Evaluating the Submissions & Assessments
Page Grading Evaluation Phase
Page Grading Evaluation Settings
Page Closing Phase
Scheduler Page Scheduler Overview
Page Create a Scheduler Activity
Page Add Time Slots and Send Invitations
Padlet URL Padlet
  • Note: Padlet is not part of the core Learnonline suite of tools and is therefore not centrally supported.  The university does not have a corporate account. Padlet offers a free license with limited features and your area may have some licenses. 
Padlet is an external software you can use to make and share content with students, and that students can use to share their ideas.
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