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Course Settings & Navigation Page Accessing your Course
Page Check Course Staff & Access
Page Overview - Copy & Create a Course
Page Copy or Create a Course
Page Connect Multiple Offerings to a Course
Page Basic Course Navigation
Page Making your Course Available
Page Format Text in your Course
Page Visibility of Activities & Resources
Page Adding Blocks
Page Common Module Settings
Page Restrict Access
Page Activity Completion
myCourseExperience Page myCourseExperience Overview
Page Access
Page Core Questions
Page Optional Questions

Optional questions in myCourseExperience.

File Optional questions

Optional question bank

Page Add Optional Course Questions
Page Add Optional Teacher Questions
Page Upload Teacher Photo
Page Change Dates
Page Lifecycle
File myCourseExperience Lifecycle Template
Page View Responses
Page Deactivate Evaluation
Page Historic Data
Page Dean of Programs (or delegate) Access
Page Useful Information
Groups and Groupings Page Overview
Page View All Groups & Groupings
Page Create Manual Groups
Page Add or Remove Students & Staff
Page Auto-create Groups
Page Import Groups
Page Delete Groups
Page Create a Grouping
Page Add or Remove Groups from a Grouping
Page Delete Groupings
Page Group Self-Selection Activity
Page Add the Group Self-Selection Activity
Page Group Self-Selection Settings
Page Group Assessment
Teaching Dashboard Page Overview
Page Access Dashboard
Page Dashboard Customisation
Page Analytics Tab
Page Course Site Reports - Course Site Visits
Page Course Site Reports - Forum Engagement
Page Course Site Reports - Activities & Resources
Page Course Site Reports - Student Withdrawals
Page Assessment Reports - Assessment Grade Distribution
Page Assessment Reports - Course Grade Distribution
Page Assessment Reports - Final Grade Distribution
Page Assessment Reports - Student Late Submissions
Page Assessment Reports - Date vs Grades
Page Assessment Reports - Turnitin Similarity
Page Recording Reports - Student Recording Time Watched
Page Recording Reports - Recording Time Watched
Page Recording Reports - Recording Views
Page Recording Reports - Recording Views by Timeline
Page Student Engagement
Page Task List Overview
Page Assessments Tab
Page Bulk emailing students who have not recently logged in
Page Mark Attendance