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General Book Invigilated (RPNow) Online Exams

This book is maintained by SAS (Exams team) and the TIU. Any associated resources are nested below

File Academic staff checklist for invigilated (RPNow) online exams
File Timeline

OVAL is no longer available, please use Panopto.

Help for staff using OVAL - Online Video Annotation for Learning

Archived 2019 Book Peer Assessment using Moodle Workshop

Information and instruction for using the Workshop module.

Book Add an Activity
Book Virtual Classroom
Book Mark a summative assessment

Add a summative assessment

Book Playford Recording Studio

Playford Recording Studio

Archived 2019 - Study Period Lifecycle Book Preparing for Study Period
Book During Study Period - Assignments
Book During Study Period - Everything else
Book During Study Period - Teaching Dashboard
Book End of Study Period