• Academic Insights features provide real-time statistics regarding the degree of student engagement with resources on their reading list.  The following statistics can be viewed directly from the reading list in eReserve:

    1.  Active Student Count  -  a count of active students who are accessing the resources

    Please note:

    • This count will only increase if a student who has not previously accessed a resource accesses a resource for the first time.
    • Engagement with reading lists is measured by students accessing readings via the View and Download buttons.
    • A student will only appear in Academic Insights if they've accessed at least one reading at least once.
    • If any of your students don't appear in Insights, this indicates that they haven't engaged with any of the reading list's readings via the View or Download buttons. They may have accessed the reading list, and they may have accessed the readings via a route other than the View or Download buttons.

    2.  Student Access - overall reading list accesses split by resource importance

    3.  Resource count - total overall resource count on the reading list split into resource importance

    4.  Engagement analytics - a graph shows a number of students who have accessed a certain number of resources

    In the example below, the graph shows 4 students have accessed 17 resources and 2 students have accessed 21 resources.

    5. Student Unique Access - displays student names along with how many times they have accessed/downloaded the reading

    6. Total access count for the reading 

    Reading List Reports

    In addition to the above analytics, the following eReading Reports can be accessed via the course learnonline Analytics dashboard by selecting the Reading List Reports drop down menu and then selecting the appropriate report.

    1.  eReading Item Views - This report shows each item on the reading list, and indicates exactly which students have or have not accessed that reading via the reading list or its embedded readings.  Click on ‘chart’ or ‘tabular’ in the View Detail column to see the names of the students who have accessed that particular reading

    2.  Student eReading Views - This report shows a list of students enrolled in the course and shows (for the relevant reading list) the total number of reading views for each student.  This can be viewed both as a chart or as a table.

    Instruction video

    Watch the video below for a demonstration of the process: