• What is eReserve?

    eReserve is an add-on for Moodle that gives course developers control over reading lists. You are able to add readings and control how and where they are presented to students. 

    How do I access eReserve?

    Start from a course site in LearnOnline. Choose the Resources menu and select eReadings .

    What do I need to do to set up a reading list for my course?

    Setting up a course reading list in eReserve is a quick and simple process which can be done in 3 steps:

    1. Create a new list or roll over an existing list

    2. Add new readings if required

    3. Publish a current list to a course offering

    Do I have to present readings via eReserve?

    We strongly recommend using eReserve to add and organise your readings. The benefits include learning analytics for student engagement and easy copyright compliance. 

    eReserve supports both file-based readings and links to online content, including videos and webpages.

    You're still able to add to your course pages content you've created—such as lecture notes and PowerPoints—without using eReserve. For copyright compliance, however, images used in such content must have their source and creator attributed. We encourage the use of openly-licensed and Creative Commons images for this purpose.

    Where can I get help?

    Start looking through this guide. If you have any questions about eReserve that are not answered by this guide, please contact Ask the Library.

    How eReserve works at UniSA