• To create a reading list for a new study period, you can either re-use an existing reading list or create a new list from scratch. If re-using an existing list, the list could be a past or current list from any course.

    If no reading list has been set up for your course previously, you'll see the following welcome message:

    You can create a reading list by following the steps below.

    1. Choose New list from the Reading Lists menu button.


    2. Choose a Predefined duration, select your study period from the dropdown list, and click on Next.


    3.  If you'd like to re-use an existing list, go to step 4.

         If you'd like to start with a blank list, choose the Skip button then go to step 5.


    4. To re-use an existing list, enter the course code or course name  in the Unit field, then select the desired course from the results. Next, select the reading list you'd like to re-use from the Reading list drop-down menu. 

    You can re-use a list from any course.


    The reading list you select will be displayed. Select All to re-use every reading on the list, or select individual readings to re-use by ticking the relevant checkboxes to the left of the readings.

    When you're ready, select Next to continue. You'll see a preview of the readings you marked for re-use.