• Course Offerings is a feature which allows academics to directly associate a current reading list to a course in Moodle. This enhancement resolves the issue of multiple active lists displaying to students when the same course site is used for two overlapping study periods.

    You can control which list is visible to a certain cohort of students by Publishing or Withdrawing a list to/from a course.

    For students to be able to access readings, the list needs to be both activated (i.e. with a current duration) and Published.

    Please view the step-by-step guide and video below to see a demonstration of the workflow.


    When you have a list ready, simply choose Publish button from the top menu bar to publish the list to the course offering:

    Then a message as shown below will pop up; click yes to continue

    To check whether a list is published, look for the bookmark icon next to the list name on the top menu bar:

    If required, to remove a published list from student view, choose Withdraw from the top menu bar:

    When the confirmation message pops up, click yes to continue

    Video: Course offerings explainer


    1. When setting up a reading list prior to the commencement of a course, is it necessary to publish the list before I can embed readings within the course site?


    The Resources > eReadings link to eReserve will be present as soon as a course site is created, even if no reading lists have been created. By following that link to the eReserve page for that course code, you can manage your reading lists, add readings, and (returning to your course site) embed those readings on course pages. When you're ready for your students to be able to access the reading list, that's when you need to publish the reading list.

    Publishing associates a reading list with a specific course offering. Until a reading list has been published, your students won't be able to access it, even if the course site is live and the reading list has already passed its start date.

    If the course site has been made available to your students and the reading list has been published, but the start date for the reading list is still in the future, the reading list will be accessible by students, but the link and download buttons won't be present.