• View readings

    To access the content of a reading, use the first icon to the right of the reading.

    If this icon is a globe, it will link you to another site:

    Tips: Access links of electronic/online resources may change from time to time. It is recommended to check reading access links and update any broken links prior to the start of a new study period.

    If the icon is a down arrow, it will prompt you to download a file containing the reading:

    Check reading status

    You can check reading availability by looking at the status label as shown below:

    Common statuses you may see on the reading list are listed below:

           The request is submitted for processing

         The request is being processed by library staff

    -            The request has been processed and is available to students now      

             The request has been processed and ready to be accessed when the list becomes active

      The request has some essential citation details missing. Use edit button (pen icon) to enter any missing data.

             The request has been rejected. You would have received an email with the rejection reason from DRS.

    You can check the legend located at the top right corner of the page at any time for status explanation:

    Edit readings

    Readings can be edited in a number of different ways on the reading list:

    1. Use the eye icon to hide or reveal a reading. Hidden readings are highlighted in orange on the reading list and invisible to students.

    2. Use the pen icon to update readings links/files, reading importance and notes to students. Any change made to linked-based readings will become immediately available to students.

    3. Use the trashbin icon to delete a reading from the list.

    Instruction video

    Watch the video below for a full demonstration of the link editing process:


    1. How to update a broken/invalid link?

    Go to the reading you need to update the link for, click on the edit button (the pen icon):

    Then all editable fields will appear. Follow the instruction in the screen capture below to update links:

    2. How can I search my existing lists of readings?

    Each list of readings will appear on a single page within your browser, so you can expand all readings and use your browser’s search function (usually ‘Ctrl+F’) to search your readings.

    3. How can I check the start and end date of my reading list?

    Hover over the status label as shown below:

    4. Can I edit a reference of an approved reading?

    No. You will need to contact the Ask the Library to make changes to references. This restriction is in place because readings can be used across multiple courses, so you can't make changes that apply to just one reading list.