• Manage lists

    You can manage your entire reading list in two ways:

    - Publish a list to a course offering to make it visible to a certain cohort of students

    - Delete a list if required (i.e. will not be used in the future) by following the steps below:

    You can delete a list for any study period from your course. This only affects the deleted study period, and will not remove any readings used in other study periods. A deleted list cannot be restored and would have to be recreated using the New Study Period instructions.

    To delete a list, select that list from the Reading List dropdown menu, then select the Delete list button in the top menu:

      You will see a warning notice. Click yes to continue:

    Check lists in student view

    To see how your reading list appears to students, use the Preview menu button:


    Return to the teacher view with the Back to list management menu button:


    Export lists

    You can export a reading list to a RIS file or plain text (txt) file. The exported file contains full reading citations and URLs, but not digitised files and notes. This can be useful when you need to send the reading list to someone who doesn't have access to the reading list or course site outside the study period.

    To export the list, choose the Export button at the top menu bar and select the format required:


    And the file will be downloaded automatically:


    Tips: RIS files can be imported to reference management software such as EndNote. TXT files can be read in a text editor such as Notepad.

    Please note that students are also able to export the reading list from student view as long as they have access to Moodle and the list is activated and published.


    1. Are there instructions for students on how to view and engage with their readings?

    Students can view this short video which illustrates how to access their readings.

    2. Can students copy the reading citation and use it in their assignment?

    Yes. However, students should check that the style is correct and contains all the required citation data.

    3. If students export the reading list, will the notes on each reading be included?

    No. Exported reading lists only contain the citation data and not any notes attached to the reading.

    4. Can students view their own analytics related to their reading engagement?

    No. However, this may be included in a future feature enhancement.