Topic outline

  • The Originality report is a copy of your essay with text highlighted throughout. This highlighted text has been identified as similar to text in other sources.


    Each passage of text highlighted will have a number attached to it. That number will refer you to a list of references either on the side of your screen or at the back of your document, depending on whether you read the report online or in print. These references are to other texts that feature the same content. Note that in some cases the reference may not be to the exact same source you used, but to another document that used the same material, another student essay that used the same material, or the original source of that material. Either way, it indicates similarity to another text.


    There are various reasons why text will be highlighted. You may have

    Xdirectly copied material from another source

    Xcopied material and intended - but forgotten - to paraphrase it

    Xnot paraphrased material thoroughly enough.

    Use these highlights to guide you in making revisions to your assignment. However, keep in mind you don't need to change absolutely everything highlighted. The next two pages will inform you of what you should or shouldn't change.