• Attend this workshop (face-to-face or online)

    Additional material

    The information, resources and activities below are useful to:

    • prepare for the workshop
    • access if you are unable to attend
    • refresh your understanding after the workshop.

    Watch the interactive video (5 minutes, 51 seconds)

    Key points from the video

    Steps to help you paraphrase:

    1. Read the original text until you understand the idea
    2. Note down key concepts
    3. Write your version of the text without looking at the original
    4. Compare your paraphrase with the original and make adjustments if they are too similar
    5. Include a citation (in-text reference)

    Other tips for paraphrasing:

    • Start your sentence at a different point to the original source
    • Use synonyms
    • Change the form of words
    • Change the sentence structure

    Click here for more on paraphrasing using Harvard UniSA.

    Practise paraphrasing

    Note: You will be able to export your notes at the end of the activity below.

    Integrate sources into your writing

    Click through the slides below to learn how to integrate sources effectively in your writing.