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  • Thesis, exegesis, journal article writing, business, social sciences, humanities

    Information about the Thesis, exegesis and journal article writing workshops can be found below. Please read through the workshop information before registering for workshops. The Research proposal writing workshop series is a prerequisite for attendance at these workshops.

    Each block below represents a series of three quarter day or two and a half hour workshops designed to support your writing goals. Workshops build cumulatively and it is important to attend from the first workshop in the block through to the last.

    Journal article writing is offered across four days at City West campus. Candidates attending this workshop should come along with an idea or a body of data they would like to develop into a journal article during the workshop.

    The Thesis and exegesis writing workshops are offered as a series of five, two and a half hour workshops at City West campus. Workshops involve a combination of analysis of discipline examples, group or pair discussion on your research and research writing, feedback on writing, and individual writing and reviewing.

    Before you attend a workshop please read through the relevant online resource. Online resources are listed from the left menu on this site. The workshop facilitator will email you before the workshop to indicate which resource you should read and what you may need to bring along to the workshop. The resource can be found on the left menu of this site.   

    When you come to the workshop, bring along a USB stick with your existing thesis, exegesis or journal paper writing, examples of texts from your discipline as requested by the facilitator, and any other materials you may need to continue work on your writing. Workshops are held in computer pools, but you can bring along your own laptop to work on if you prefer.

    If you have another commitment and you will need to arrive at the workshop a little late, or you will need to leave early, please let the facilitator know prior to the workshop commencing to prevent disruption to other participants.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Journal article writing four-day workshops 2019

    City West, Thursday, 9.30am─3pm 

    City West

    Day 1: Publication planning September 5, JS6-17
    Day 2: Journal article structures September 6, GK3-21
    Day 3: Writing the main body of a journal article September 19, JS6-17
    Day 4: Publication ethics and journal article submission process September 20, GK3-21


    Thesis and exegesis writing workshop series 2019


                           CW, Thursday, 24.30pm, JS2-08

    1. The research story line: Thesis styles and structures, abstracts and introduction November 21
    2. Referring to literature in different parts of your thesis or exegesis November 28
    3. Writing about methods and methodology December 5
    4. Writing about results and argument December 12
    5. Writing discussions/conclusions December 19


    If you find you will be unable to attend a workshop, please deregister at least a day or two before the workshop. This is important as facilitators plan workshops and make other important decisions affecting everyone in the group based on the registration lists.   

    Frequently asked questions

    My draft is not due yet and I don’t have much writing. Should I attend the workshops now?

    Yes! The workshops are designed to support the publication planning, drafting and revision process. You’ll get better value by attending workshops in the early and middle stages of your drafting.

    Will the workshops be relevant to my discipline?

    Yes! The discipline and methodology you use determines the content of your writing. The workshops are not focused on content, but on linguistic features of research texts. In the workshops you will examine example texts from a range of discipline areas in the social sciences, business and humanities. You will also be asked to bring along example texts of the type you would like to write from your own discipline, and you will examine how the writing principles introduced in the workshop manifest in your discipline example.

    I’m very busy, will the workshops save me time?

    Attending workshops can help you to establish a writing plan, clarify what is expected, break down the steps involved in achieving your writing goals, and provide valuable feedback on your writing, all of which can save you considerable time in the long run. Much of the time in workshops is spent progressing your own drafts. Come along, you may be surprised how much writing you get done!