Topic outline

  • This is the primary method for locating the policy. Select a title which best reflects both institutional approach and ease of access.

    Access: The policy is easy to locate, easy to read, well written, clear and concise.(AISP 2010-2012).

    Approach: Academic integrity is viewed as an educative process and appears in the introductory material to provide a context for the policy. There is a clear statement of purpose and values with a coherent institutional commitment to academic integrity through all aspects of the policy. (AISP 2010-2012).

    Examples: University of Western Australia, and Victoria University.

    Higher Education Academy (HEA) 'Policy works' Recommendation 3, p.11 - Establish a central web area on the institutional website that gives structure and coherence for the policy and related guidance, so staff and students can readily access up-to-date documentation.