• The Program & Course Management System (PCMS) is a central repository for all Programs and Courses offered by the University of South Australia. PCMS contains all Program and Course details and replaces the hard copy templates previously used for Programs and Courses. When approved, relevant data is automatically reused for other purposes such as marketing information to generate web pages that are accessible via the University website; course details flow through to the Course Outline, where up to 75% of the Course Outline content will be taken from PCMS; and Assessment components, which are utilised in learnonline’s Gradebook, where you will be able to provide marks for student’s assessment and roll up to a grade in Medici.

    PCMS is an integral outcome of the Personal Learning Environment (PLE) project. The vision of the PLE is to provide “A fully integrated environment rich in digital learning facilities, resources and services available to students and staff in a personalised way to facilitate quality teaching and learning.” One of the key objectives of the PLE is to ensure "what is approved is what is taught".

    Note: Some system functionality may differ from these resources as a result of ongoing enhancements.