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  • Many academics and research degree candidates worry about inadvertently or accidentally using someone else's written work without attribution. In most cases, this fear is baseless, but iThenticate offers a way of putting your mind at rest by allowing you to check drafts of your work against a very large international database of written work including articles, chapters and conference papers. Checking for accidental plagiarism through iThenticate also allows you to learn more about the way you write and apply any lessons learned in your future academic practice.

    You can submit a draft of your research proposal, a chapter of your thesis, a paper you submitted to a journal, or your thesis. You receive a 'similarity' report giving you what might be termed an 'research integrity health check'. This report needs to be interpreted carefully and information on how to do this is included in a later section of this resource.

    To access iThenticate, you will need to be registered as a user. To receive a username and password, please email saying you would like to be registered as an iThenticate user.

    Once you have received your sign-in details and registered, you can access iThenticate through this link.