Invigilated (RPNow) Online Exams

3. Exam Day

3.4. Invigilation

RPNow Invigilation

Online exams are invigilated using RPNow software.
SAS Exams Team register online exams with RPNow using exam details submitted via the Exam Portal: Online Exam Request (OER).
  • Exam conditions and permitted materials from the OER form part of the exam rules
RPNow is scheduled to open 15 minutes prior to the exam start time and closes 30 minutes after exam finish time
  • Student's screen, camera and microphone are recorded.
  • Recording stops at the closing time preventing recording of the camera view if the student neglects to close all windows after submitting the exam.
  • Recordings are reviewed by RPNow staff after the exam.
  • Reports are sent to SAS Exams Team within 5 days after the exam.
  • Reports with potential rules violations or suspicious behaviour are flagged.
  • Flagged reports are reviewed by SAS Exams Team.
Where a suspected breach or incident occurs 'Academic Integrity' policy and procedure is followed (section 9).