Getting online

Getting connected

Get connected on campus using one of the computers in the computer pools and barns, connect your own wireless device or go online off campus.  Find out more by clicking on each topic below.

TipsHandy tips 

  • Save your work on an external device, drop-box, the cloud or e-mail it to yourself. Don't save onto a university computer desktop!
  • If you are in a computer pool, be sure to take your important belongings (e.g. wallet, phone, USB) with you if leave for a short break or to pick up printing.
  • Pick up your assignments after printing and check that you haven't accidentally collected someone else's documents!
  • Make sure you log off from any computer you use on campus once you are finished.
  • Check that you have good internet connection at home.
  • Access wifi in public spaces such as your local library and some cafes.
  • If required, get technical equipment such as a webcam, headset with microphone and speakers to help you participate effectively with others online.
  • Check if there are specific software requirements in your course and download these onto your personal computer in advance.


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