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Getting Started

Web Browsers

A web browser is a software application used to access and display information from the World Wide Web. To get the most out of your learnonline course site, it’s important that you have a recent version of one of the popular browsers installed.
No browser is perfect and they are continually being updated and revised by the software suppliers. These changes may affect the way your learnonline course site displays and functions. The table below indicates how key learnonline functions work with each of the popular browsers.. You can use the table to inform your choice of browser depending on how you need to interact with your course website. We will update the table with information about changed browser functionality as it is received.

You can use the linked browser name in the table to download the latest version. Links open in a new window or tab.

View webpages Online text editing View embedded MP4 video Drag and drop files Virtual Classroom
 Firefox (version 24 and above)        
 Internet Explorer (version 10)        
Chrome (version 32 and above)
Safari (version 5 and above)

What next?

Once you have an appropriate browser installed you can continue working through other sections of Getting Started which can be accessed via the table of contents on the right of the page. You'll find information about how to navigate your course site and use other basic functions.