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Add an assessment

What you should know first


Summative assessments are included in the Course Outline and are used to determine final grades or marks.

Reference: UniSA Assessment Policies and Procedures Manual 2014.

You must have a published  Course Outline

You cannot add summative assessments until your Course Outline is published.

Here is the link for help on publishing your Course Outlineww

Multiple offerings - one Course Site

Multiple offerings (e.g. internal and external) can be added to the same Course Site.  Where a summative assessment is identical for all offerings, the assessment need only be added once.  During the Add/Edit assessment process select all offerings that share the same assessment.

Add before the due date

All summative assessments must be added before the due date.

Contact learnonline Help if a summative assessment must be added after the due date.

Using a Rubric for marking

The points for the first level MUST be zero for the rubric to calculate correctly.If this does not equal zero, students will not receive their correct grade.

Adding non graded assessments

Grading basis of assessment must match the grading basis of the course

A course that has NGP assessment must not have a weighting