edit pages

To edit an ePortfolio page:

  1. Click on the hamburger icon. 
  2. Select Create from the drop down. 
  3. Select Pages and collections from the options. 
    screenshot of the ePortfolio homepage with the burger icon on the top right and the drop down with create and pages button.

  4. Click the three dots icon of the page you want to edit. 
  5. Select Edit in the drop down menu. 
    Screenshot of the pages and collection section showing and the dots icon under each page and the drop down menu with edit

  6. Drag and drop the plus icon onto the page to add a block. 
    Screenshot of an empty page with the plus icon in the right top.

  7. Click on Show more
  8. Select a content type that you want to add (e.g. Text). 
    Screenshot showing content types options with text option on the top left and the more button at the bottom.

  9. Enter the title of the block.
  10. Enter the content of the block (e.g. text). 
  11. Select if your journal entry is a draft if you don't want the content to be visible to anybody. 
  12. Enter relevant tags for the block if desired. 
  13. Select of the block should be retractable or not. 
  14. Click Save to apply changes. 
    Screenshot of the text block with fields for title, content draft, tags retractable option and save button.