share pages and collections

To share an ePortfolio page or collection:

  1. Click on the hamburger icon. 
  2. Select Create from the drop down. 
  3. Select Pages and collections from the options. 
    screenshot of the ePortfolio homepage with the burger icon on the top right and the drop down with create and pages button.

  4. Click the lock icon of the page or collection you want to manage access. 
  5. Click Manage access
    Screenshot of the pages and collections section and the lock icon with manage access option.

  6. Click New secret URL to create a URL that can be shared with public users. 
  7. Click Advanced options to edit comment and copying settings. 
  8. Click Share with to select people you want to share your page or collection with. 
  9. Click Save to apply changes. 
    Screenshot of the access options with new secret url, advanced options, share with and save button.