Mobile devices and ePortfolio

You can upload content from a mobile device to your ePortfolio using an app.

For android users the app is called Mahara Mobile. Download via Google Play

For apple users the app is called Mahara Mobile. Download via iTunes

Please check these websites for terms, conditions and minimum operating requirements.

Once you have downloaded the app you will need to edit the settings on your mobile device and in your ePortfolio. Follow the instructions for set up below according to your device.

app home screen

Set up 

  1. Enter the URL https://ep.unisa.edu.au in the address field.
  2. Tap the Next button. Mahara Mobile checks which authentication methods are available for you to use.
    Screenshot showing the address field of the mahara app and the next button.

  3. On the next screen, select Local to log in to your Mahara site. 
    Screenshot showing local as login type option.

  4. Provide your UniSA username
  5. Provide your password
  6. Tab the Login button. 
    Screenshot showing the fields for username and password and the login button below.