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Virtual Classroom

Downloadable participants' guide

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Text for a newsletter or email

Some suggested text to copy and paste into an information page in your Moodle course site and/or send out as an email:

Synchronous communication is one way to engage as an online community. Virtual Classroom is a platform set up at UniSA to allow people to interact synchronously (ie at the same time). Therefore we will be holding some Virtual Classroom sessions using the software Adobe Connect.

For mobile device users

If you're using a tablet or smart phone, ensure that you've downloaded and installed the app from your relevant app store. The Adobe Connect website has links to the Apple, Android and Blackberry app markets. 

For desktop/laptop users

Google Chrome doesn’t work well with Adobe Connect, so if it is your default browser, copy and paste the link to the session into another browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox. Check that your browser is set to allow popups.

For best performance, download the Adobe Connect Add-in for Windows or Mac. This should happen automatically before you log in or go to the Adobe Connect Download web page.

If you're using a desktop or laptop, test your system using the Adobe Connect system test web page

For best results when using Adobe Connect, please ensure you use the most robust internet connection to which you have access. Ideally, your device will be plugged straight into a hard wired connection, rather than using a wireless one.

If you have to use a wireless connection, be in the same room as the router/transmitter. The further you are away, the weaker the signal – and in brick homes, signal can quickly weaken between rooms. If you are using a mobile data network, ensure your signal is strong.

Firewalls can be an issue when using Adobe Connect from within a business or public place. Even home firewalls can block some functionality of a webinar tool. Consult your firewall provider’s support information to ensure your settings won’t prevent you from participating.

Troubleshooting audio issues

Audio issues can occur for the following reasons:

Headset not plugged in correctly

Wrong type of headset plugged into laptop (mobile headset with one plug doesn’t work in laptop with two plug connection)
A program running in the background like Skype that also access your microphone is running.

Test your connection

Always test your connection prior to a session by going to the test page.  If you’re asked to download and install the add-in, do so.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Log in 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to check your audio and video and to get a feel for the online environment.