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Peer Assessment using Moodle Workshop

Help with the moodle workshop activity

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Book: Peer Assessment using Moodle Workshop
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Date: Friday, 27 November 2020, 5:09 PM


The workshop activity allows peer assessment to be undertaken in moodle. As part of the process, you will need to:

  • Submit your assignment
  • Assess submissions by other students

Your Course Coordinator may give you some guidance in the process by adding an example submission, and a referenced assessment of that submission, so that you can practice the process of peer assessment and gain an understanding of the assessment form. You will then be able to compare your assessment of the example submission with the reference one.


You will receive two marks in a single Workshop activity. They will be:

  • a mark for your submission (the quality of your submitted work)
  • a mark for your assessment (the quality of your assessment of your peers)

Submitting to the workshop

Before any submissions can be made, your course coordinator needs to have moved the workshop activity to the Submission phase. The current status of the activity will be indicated by the coulmn that is shaded green. In the image below the activity is in the submission phase.

Submission information

A. Submission Phase highlighted
B. Submission instructions
C. The Example Submission (if required). Note: the menu is collapsed by default. Click on it to expand.
D. Link to the actual example submission
E. Click the Assess button, to assess the  example submission.
F. Click Start preparing your submission to begin the submission process.


Submitting to the Workshop activity

  1. Enter the title of your submission
  2. Add your submission text
  3. Upload any files associated with your submission
  4. Click Save changes to submit.

The page will refresh showing your submission

Submission information

A. The text you added as your submission
B. Any files you uploaded
C. Click the Edit submission button to make changes to your submission. Note: You will be able to make changes until the activity moves to the assessment phase.

Assessing other students work

As for the submission phase, before you can assess submissions of your peers, the Course Coordinator must move the workshop activity to the Assessment phase. This will be indicated by the assessment phase being highlighted in green.

Assessment phase screen

A. Assessment phase highlighted in workshop planner. It also shows the total number of submission you need to asses and the number still to be assessed.
B. Your submission section (collapsed. Expand the section to view your submission.
C. The assessment instruction section (collapsed). Expand to view the the assessment instructions.
D. The example submission section (collapsed). Expand to view the example submission.
E. The submissions you have been assigned to assess.
F. Click the Assess button to begin assessment of the submission.

The assessment form

A. The Students submission
B. Any submitted files
C. The submission instructions provided by the Course Coordinator
D. The Assessment form
E. The instructions for the specific aspect being assessed
1. Enter a mark
2. Enter feedback on the specific aspect
3. Repeat 1 and 2 for remaining aspects
4. Enter overall feedback for the entire submission
5. Click Save and show next to save the assessment and load the next assessment
6. Click Save and close to save the assessment and finish

You will be able to view your marks only after the activity has been progressed to the closed phase by the Course Coordinator. 

Viewing your marks

Once the activity has closed, you will be able to view your grade using:
A. the Grades link in the Course Essentials block
B. the activity link. 

From the Grades link

Your activity grade


From the activity link

View activity marks

A. The conclusion information
B. The mark and grade awarded by your peers for your submission
C. The mark and grade awarded for your peer assessment of other submissions