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EASS City West Recording Studio

Magill Recording Studio

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Date: Sunday, 24 June 2018, 6:55 AM

Booking the EASS City West Recording Studio

Open Microsoft Outlook

Select the Calendar button

Calendar image

At the top of your screen, select the New Meeting icon

new meeting

The New Meeting window will open

Send the invitation to  Name: CWE-BH4-10  City West EAS Recording Studio Email:

Choose the start and finish day and time

Then click send

meeting maker

You will receive an automated reply with confirmation of booking or notice that the room is full at that time


Accessing the room

Swipe card access

You can access the room with your staff ID card. You will need to contact FM Assist to be added to the group.


It is recommended you use a USB 3 for the recording. 

Before you use the studio....

Before you use the recording studio make sure you

  • Have booked enough time for the session.
  • Make an appointment with of an Online Educational Designer, Kim Hynes.On air
  • Think about what you want to achieve and what you want your audience to learn from the media recording.
  • Know what you want to say (prepare a script if necessary).
  • Keep your recordings to shorter snippets of information (less than 7 minutes if possible).
  • Know what presentation style you want to use (UniSA logo, Presentation behind, or Picture in Picture.
  • Save you PowerPoint presentation in On-screen Show (16:9) format. You can do this through the Design tab.
  • Have your PowerPoint presentation, media or image on a USB or laptop.
  • Ensure you have the correct cable if you are using your own laptop (HDMI to HDMI is provided).
  • Have a USB which you can use to transfer you media to OR bring your own USB 3 USB.
  • Think about what you are going to wear for the recording session (no stripes or green).
  • Are present at all times if students or external parties are using the recording studio.
  • Make sure any students or external participants have signed a Talent Release Form.


On air

Training must be completed before staff or students can use the recording studio for the first time.

Contact Kim Hynes to arrange a training session.

Please allow 15 minutes at the start of your session time for training or book in a separate session prior to your recording session.

Please review the training video if you haven't already.

A staff member must be present at all times if students of external parties are using the recording studio.

Before you leave the studio

Before you leave, please make sure you....

  • Put the lapel microphones back into the charger.
  • Log off from the PC in the room.on air
  • Take the USB from the wall and transfer it to your own USB if required.
  • Take all your devices such as laptop, tablet and USB sticks
  • Leave the room as you found it (eg. put the stools into the corners and remove all rubbish)
  • Turn off the lights
  • Shut and lock the door behind you
  • Slide the sign on the door to 'Recording not in use'
  • Return the key and USB to your school office

EASS City West Recording Studio Instructions

Please look at the 'Before you use the studio' information prior to your session.

1. Make a booking to use the room.

2. Slide the door sign to 'Recording in use'.

3. Walk over to the touch screen and press anywhere on the screen

first screen

4. Select what style you want to record with press Next.

second screen

5. If required, you can select Advanced mode and change camera angle, pan, tilt, zoom and focus. You can also select Green Behind and insert a background later.

advanced screen

6. Plug your USB 3 into the wall input.

insert USB screen

7. Turn on the lapel mic and attach it to your clothing in a discreet place but close enough to your mouth so your voice can be picked up clearly.

lapel microphone screen

8. if you are using the presentation behind mode, you need to insert your presentation from your USB into the room computer or insert your own device into the HTML port. 

9. Press record and wait 5 seconds before speaking. Pause if you want to take a rest but you will need to edit this in post production. When you press pause it will pause instantly, however, when you press pause to start recording there is a 5 second delay to give you time to get ready to record again.

record screen

10. When you are done, wait for 5 seconds after you have finished speaking before pressing stop.

11. Press OK and then Shut Down or Start a New Session.

shutdown screen

12. Remove your USB from the wall and transfer the recording if your are using the school's USB. 

13. Remove your USB from the computer if you used it for your presentation and log off from the computer.

14. Turn off the ceiling lights and lock the door before returning the key.

Editing your media with Windows Movie Maker

Editing your video with Movie Maker

Refer to the instructions for using Movie Maker for step by step video instruction on how to:

  1. Transfer files from a USB to your computer
  2. Starting a new project
  3. Acceptable file types
  4. Setting start and end points
  5. Creating and adding information screens
  6. Adding polish and 
  7. Choosing a file format

Uploading your recording to your course page

Helix is UniSA's solution to managing all media on 

On air

learnonline pages

Please see the Helix Media Library Help 

Copyright Information

For copyright information concerning the studio please view the information on the copyright copyright website  or contact Catherine Daniel, Copyright Coordinator, email:,  ph: 8302 5630.