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Add an Activity

Add a Lesson

Caution: Before using the Lesson Activity please contact learnonline Help to advise us of your interest.

The Technology Enhanced Learning team will then discuss some issues you should be aware of before using the Lesson Activity and ensure you receive adequate support if you proceed.


For a student, a lesson is a series of interactive pages that require a choice on their part before the next page appears.

The choice determines the way the lesson appears to the student. The lesson can be a series of pages presented in a linear fashion, like a slide show, or presented in a non-linear, branching manner, or a combination of the two. The Course Coordinator can use the Lesson settings to create a different student experience for each lesson. There are also special navigation pages that the Course Coordinator may use to change the way parts of the lesson are viewed by students.

The student's choice generally drives the lesson. For example, a particular answer might send the student back in the lesson for a review, while another answer will advance the student to a new page. The lesson can be scored with the use of questions for a grade, or used simply as a resource of non-graded pages or a combination of both.


Turn editing on

  1. Select Turn editing on

The page will refresh.

Select add an activity or resource

  1. Select Add an activity or resource

Add a Lesson

  1. Select Lesson.
  2. Select Add.

Select assessment type

  1. Select the related summative assessment or Formative or non-assessed activity.
  2. Select Proceed to settings.

Add a lesson

  1. Enter the name of the Lesson.
  2. Enter the description of the Lesson.
  3. Select whether you wish to display the description of the Lesson on the course page.
  4. Select to define appearance settings.
  5. Select to define availability.
  6. Select to define flow control settings.
  7. Select to define grade settings.
  8. Select if you wish to define common module settings
  9. Select if you wish to restrict access.
  10. Select if you wish to track activity completion of the Lesson.
  11. Select if you wish to add tags to the Lesson.
  12. Select Save and return to course.