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Add an Activity

Add a Forum

Forum daily digest settings

New feature Remove read posts for daily digest email

A recently added feature is the ability to remove any forum post that you have already read from the daily digest email you receive. this feature is not automatically activated and you  will need to enable it.Follow the process below to do so.

Access your Profile

Access profile

  1. Hover over your name.
  2. Hover over Preferences.
  3. Select User. 

Your user preferences will open

select forum settings

  1. Select Forum preferences to access the various settings you can alter for forums.

email only new posts

  1. Select to receive a daily digest or each post.
  2. Select auto-subscribe preference.
  3. Ensure that Forum tracking is enabled by selecting Yes: highlight new posts for me. This is a useful feature even if you do not wish to remove read posts from your daily digest as it will show you how many posts you have not read in particular forum and also which ones they are. 
  4. Select Yes: email all digested new post to me.
  5. Select Save changes.