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Changing Settings Update

Common Module Settings

Common module settings allow us to select whether an activity is hidden, and if only one student or one portion of students are able to see the activity/resource.

Common Terms:

  • Group: Students are divided into several groups by default such as lecture and tutorial depending on their enrolment.  Students can also be allocated to groups to facilitate team work.  Groups are then organised into Groupings.  For example, a grouping may be "Internal students", comprised of the groups named to reflect the individual tutorials timetabled within the course.
  • Grouping: A grouping is made of a chosen subset of groups.  Each grouping can be made up of several groups who's members are able to work together and share resources / activity access.  This may vary from groupings of tutorial classes for a course or manually created teams within a tutorial class.

Common module settings

  1. This sets whether the activity/resource is hidden or not, it is the same as opening or closing the eye on the main course page.
  2. Setting an ID number provides a way of identifying the activity for grade calculation purposes. If the activity is not included in any grade calculation then the ID number field may be left blank.  The ID number can also be set in the gradebook, but can only be edited on the activity settings page.  By default, this value is blank.
  3. Group mode allows us to select how we wish to partition the activity/resource.
    • No groups allows the all students to access the same information.  
    • Separate groups allows the activity/resource available to different groups but each group can only see their group's information.  Other groups' information is hidden.  For example a forum would have a different area for each group within the grouping and discussions are private to each individual group.
    • Visible groups allows the activity/resource to be editable by individual groups but other groups are able to view the contents.  For example a forum would have a different area for each group within the grouping.  Discussions are editable only by members of that group but are visible by all groups.
  4. Grouping enables the activity or resource to be limited to groups of students.  Access to resources by members of different groups within the grouping depends on the Group mode setting discussed above, determined by whether the task is individual, course wide or enabling group members to work together.
  5. Select to include access restrictions related to the group or grouping for the activity / resource.