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Manage extension requests Update

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Book: Manage extension requests Update
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Date: Monday, 21 May 2018, 5:01 AM

Accept an Extension

Please note: Students will not be able to apply for an extension on Summative assignments until the "Allow submissions from" date set in the assignment settings.

Select Extensions

  1. Select Extensions from the Course Essentials block

Select Pending

  • Select Pending alongside the student who's extension request you wish to review

Fill in extension detials

1) Select the Approval Status
Select the Approved Extension Date
Enter a Message to Student if you wish
4) Select Save changes

Grant an Individual Extension

Select grant extension

  1. Select Extensions from the Course Essentials block

There are two ways to grant extensions:

Create and grant on the student's behalf

Create individual extension

  1. Select the Student
  2. Select the Activity
  3. Select the Extension Date
  4. Select Grant extension

Filter on extension requests

Grant individual extension

  1. Optionally filter the submitted requests by activity, status, group or approver.
  2. Select Apply filter or Clear filter.
  3. Select the students to whom the extension will be approved.
  4. Alternatively, select or deselect all selections.
  5. Select Quick Approve Selected

Grant a Global Extension

Select Extensions

  1. Select Extensions from the Course Essentials block 


Global extension from assessment

  1. Select Create global extension from the assignment submission page.

Select Global Extensions

  1. Select Group Extension Date.
  2. Enter a Reason for extension.
  3. Select groups of users from Selected options.
  4. Select the arrow to move the group of users to Selected options.
  5. Select Save and Apply Extension