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Mawson Lakes Recording Studio

Mawson Lakes Recording Studio

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Book: Mawson Lakes Recording Studio
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Date: Saturday, 23 March 2019, 5:12 AM

How it works

The new fully automated recording studio is now available in GP1-12. 

Please download and print the detailed Standard Operating Procedures for GP1.12 (1.3MB PDF). 

This website provides a helpful and humorous introduction to green screen recording best practice.

Briefly, the process for using the room is:

  1. Prior to booking the studio, book into and undertake training
  2. Book the studio for your recording
  3. Prior to the day and time of your booking 
    1. Prepare source file for presentation
    2. Prepare source file for autocue
    3. Source a USB3 flash drive
  4. On the day of your booking 
    1. Wear appropriate clothing 
    2. Collect the Studio key from P2-22
  5. Record your presentation in the Studio, checking it prior to leaving the room
  6. Return the Studio to the state it was in upon your arrival and secure the room
  7. Return the Studio key to P2-22.


Use this 360  Immersive Virtual Reality movie to learn more about our studio (click on image or to enter; Use VR mode if you have access to a VR headset). 


Editing your media with Windows Movie Maker

Editing your video with Movie Maker

Refer to the instructions for using Movie Maker for step by step video instruction on how to:

  1. Transfer files from a USB to your computer
  2. Starting a new project
  3. Acceptable file types
  4. Setting start and end points
  5. Creating and adding information screens
  6. Adding polish and 
  7. Choosing a file format

If you haven't got Movie Maker installed, Microsoft no longer supports this application. You can download the last Microsoft supported version here (108 MB installer).

Uploading your recording to your course page

UniSA Media Library is UniSA's solution to managing all media on 

On air

learnonline pages

Please see the UniSA Media Library Help 

Copyright Information

For copyright information concerning the studio please view the information on the copyright copyright website  or contact Catherine Daniel, Copyright Coordinator, email:,  ph: 8302 5630.