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Mark a summative assessment

Release grades to students

NOTE: Only Primary / Course Coordinators can release grades.

Video: How to Release Grades to Students

Releasing grades to students is potentially a five step process. These steps are required to ensure that the correct marking workflow state is applied to each phase of marking. Step 2 can be omitted if the marking team is not using marking workflow.

Step 1 - Select assessment

Select assignment 

  • Select the assessment that you want to release to students.

Select View/grade all submissions

  • Select View/grade all submissions.

Step 2 - Set marking workflow filter

Note: This step can be omitted if the marking team is not using marking workflow.

Set marking complete

  1. Select Options.
  2. Set the marking workflow filter to your marking team's final state prior to release. This may be Marking completed but will vary according to the team's marking strategy.

Step 3 - Select students

Select students

  1. Select the top check box to release grades to all students or
  2. Select individual students as required.
  3. Activate the drop down list.

Step 4 - Set final marking workflow state

Select marking workflow state

  1. Select Set marking workflow state.
  2. Click Go.

Click OK

  • Click OK.

Step 5 - Release grades

Change workflow to released

  1. Change marking workflow state to Released.
  2. Click Save changes.

Confirmation message

A confirmation message will display at the top of the screen.