Preparing for Study Period

5. Summative Assignment

Create a new assignment

These instructions will walk you through the bare minimum summative assessment settings. If you would like more in depth steps please see Add an assessment Update.


  1. Turn editing on
  2. Click on Add an activity or resource

  3. Click Assignment
  4. Click Add

  5. Click the desired assessment - you can only tick multiple boxes if they are on the same row
  6. Click Proceed to settings

  7. The Assignment name will come through from the Course Outline, but you can change if desired

  8. Availability
    • A) Allow submissions from date should be at least 1 - 2 weeks prior to the Due date to allow students to request extensions
    • B) Due date will auto populate if a specific date and time was put in the Course Outline - this can not be changed here
    • C) No submission after date should be at least 1 - 2 weeks after the Due date or just untick Enable to stop this from taking effect
      NOTE: if this is disabled the system will tell you if the student submits late

  9. Submission types
    NOTE: only ever tick Video Assignment or File submissions, NOT both - this will cause students confusion
    To prevent confusion you can direct your students to Student Help
    NOTE: if you untick ALL Submission types this will create an offline activity. Offline activities are used for in class presentations/tests or if you have used a non recommended summative activity to return the students grades/feedback.
    • A) Video Assignment allows the students to upload both movies and additional files to UniSA Media Library (no larger than 1.95GB)
    • B) File submissions allows students to upload files (collectively no larger than 0.95GB)
    • C) Mahara ePortfolio allows students to submit a page or collection from ePortfolio
    • D) Online text allows the students to enter text online

  10. Grade
    • A) Maximum marks can be what ever number you want (100 or less). You should choose a number that makes things easy for you to mark. The system will work out the percentage from there.
    • B) Grading method should remain on Simple direct grading if you want to manually enter a mark. Other grading options such as rubric can be found under Add an assessment Update
    • C) Use marking allocation if changed to Yes has additional steps which need to be followed
      NOTE: If you change to Yes, ensure you click Save and Display on step 13

  11. Additional options
    • A) Exam activity should be yes if this is assessment is an exam
      Note: if this assessment has been setup correctly in PCMS it should default to yes
    • B) Display grade to students should be yes to enable the students to see how they went for their assessment
      NOTE: the system will send the students an email to notify students when grades are released, providing this is yes before they are released
  12. Advance options
    • A) Restrict submission file types defaults to no. If you would like to restrict file submission types change this to Yes and then move the desired formats from the right side to the left.
    • B) Allow Doc Services Printing defaults to no. If you would like to request printing of student submissions change this to Yes and then move the desired staff from the right side to the left.
    • C) Choose Extension Approvers the system will automatically put the course coordinator(s) on the left hand side. If you wish to include other staff select the desired staff member(s) on the right and move them to the left.
  13. Click Save and return to course

NOTE: If the system takes you back to the main course page then all is fine. If it takes you back to the top of the assessment setting page you need to scroll down and there will be a red box indicating where there is an issue. Once changed scroll down to the bottom and click Save and return to course again.