During Study Period - Assignments


Use Quick Grading Options

NOTE: You will need to enable Quick grading under Filters and Quick Grading before you can use it.
Instructions can be found here.


  1. You can change the Marking workflow state individually or you can do this in bulk all at once.
    NOTE: The only Marking workflow state that effects the students view is Released.

  2. Enter the students mark.
    NOTE: A mark has to be entered to release grades and feedback to students.
    NOTE: If the assessment has been set as summative the students will only see a grade when released. Formative assessments will display whatever you have selected in the Additional options in the assessment settings.

  3. Enter any comments or feedback.
    NOTE: You do not have to enter anything in this box
  4. The system does not consider using Quick Grading as interacting with the browsers and will log you off Moodle if you are using it for 20min or longer. We strongly recommend that you enter a few (10 - 15) students and then save by scrolling down the bottom of the page and clicking Save all quick grading changes: