During Study Period - Assignments


Access an Offline Worksheet

NOTE: If you do not have the option enabled in the Feedback types section of the assessment settings it will not appear in the drop down and the Course Coordinator will need to be enable it so you can use it.

Remember to read the IMPORTANT NOTES before marking.


  1. Click on the Grading action drop down in the top left corner.

  2. Click Download grading worksheet.
  3. Follow the usual downloading and opening files with in your browser.
    Example: Internet Explorer 11 will pop up a bubble with options down the bottom of the browser:


  • The name of the Offline worksheet does not matter.
  • ONLY edit columns G (Grade) and M (Feedback comments) - indicated in yellow above.
    • If you download a Offline grading worksheet and some of the students have been marked already, the mark will download as well. You can alter these if desired.
  • You can expand the column widths to make details easier to read, just ensure you do not change the column content in ANY way (except G and M).

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