During Study Period - Assignments

Access assessments - Four ways

Bulk Download Student Submissions

NOTE: you can only download file assessment submissions - NOT Video Assignment, Mahara ePortfolio or Online text

Remember to read the IMPORTANT NOTES before marking.


  1. Click on the Grading action drop down in the top left corner.

  2. Click Download all submissions
  3. If the output zip folder isn't too large the system will give you an option to click a link to save the folder straight away to your PC.
    Otherwise, it will send you an email with the zip folder in it (it will also send the email if it gives you the option on the screen).


  • The zipped folders name is not important - you can call this what ever you like.
  • You must extract the files from the zipped folder before you start marking.
  • If the students have uploaded multiple files the system will download all the files for the student - you can not select certain files from a student before downloading this way.
  • DO NOT change the file name of the student submissions. If you change the file names you will not be able to get the system to upload them for you which will save you time.

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