During Study Period - Assignments


Upload Student Feedback in a zip file

NOTE: Ensure you have zipped your files prior to following the below.

NOTE: You can only use the below on system generated files, which names have not been changed. 


  1. Click on the Grading action drop down in the top left corner.

  2. Click Upload multiple feedback files in a zip.

  3. Drag and Drop your zipped folder to the blue arrow area.

  4. Wait for the file name to appear - a blue progress bar will run across the screen prior to this appearing.
  5. Click Import feedback files(s).
  6. Click Continue.

How to zip files

  1. Go in to Windows Explorer where you can see all the individual files.
  2. Highlight (Select) the desired files
    NOTE: you can do this in batches, you don't have to upload all the files in one go.
    NOTE: ensure you highlight individual files and not just the folder they are located in.
  3. Right mouse click on one of the highlighted files.
  4. Hover mouse over Send to.
  5. Click Compressed (zipped) folder.
    NOTE: the name of the folder does not matter and you are welcome to change this to what ever you want. Windows will default the name to the name of the file you right mouse clicked on.

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