During Study Period - Assignments


Use Manual Grading (Blue Grade button)

Instructions on how to access assignments can be found here.
The following can help you alter your view of the students before you start entering marks and feedback. Putting the students in ascending order by Surname may save you time in Step 8 below.


  1. Click on the blue Grade button or click Edit and then Grade.

  2. Enter a Grade out of #.
  3. Select desired Marking workflow state. You don't have to change it at this point if you don't wish. The only Workflow state that effects the students is Released.
    NOTE: You can change this for all students in bulk.

  4. Enter any Feedback comments you have for the student.
  5. Upload any Feedback files you have for the student.

  6. Change Allow another attempt to Yes if desired, otherwise ignore this.

    NOTE: If you allow another attempt, any feedback files or comments associated with this attempt will immediately be available to the student.
    NOTE: Students will only be able to submit another attempt providing their grade hasn't been released for this assessment. The system will unfortunately allow you to change this to yes even if the grades are released, but the student WILL NOT be able to upload another attempt.

  7. Click Save changes to return to the student list; or
  8. Click Save and show next to save what you have done and view the next student; or
  9. Click Cancel to return to the student list; or
  10. Click Next to view the next student.