End of Study Period

3. Contribute towards their final grade

Complete Grading on a Course Site

Course sites handle individual assessment grades. 

Result Entry handles the overall grade of the course.

The only way to alter an overall grade in the course site is to alter individual assessment grades, which in turn will change the overall grade for the student.

The course site allows you to see how a student is tracking and the below will walk you through the different options:


  1. When you are on the main page for the course site click Grades under the Administration block.

    • A) The page will default to only showing summative assessments.
      NOTE: if you cant see your summative assessments on this page it means that they are currently not summative in the system and you will need to make them summative.
      NOTE: change this drop down to Activity if you wish to see your formative assessments.
    • B) If you click on the name of the assessment it will take you to the page where you can see the students grades for the assignment or attempts for a quiz or into the discussion board.
    • C) If you are looking for a particular student you can select desired first and last name letters.
    • D) If you click  will show you what the student can see
  2. Click Grader report

  3. Select Excel spreadsheet

  4. Untick the assessments you don't wish to download
    NOTE: This page will show both summative and formative assessments
    NOTE: If the assessment hasn't been split in the course outline then you don't need to have a tick for Category total, but if it is split we recommend you leave it ticked.

  5. Click Download

  6. Click Open.
    NOTE: Depending on what browser you are using will depend on how the download is presented to you. The above is how IE11 displays the option.