End of Study Period

3. Contribute towards their final grade

If you can see the assessments under the Staff Portals' Teaching Dashboard Assessments Tab (once you have selected the desired course offering), then the system knows they are summative and will push through to Result Entry.

NOTE: if you have only just made the assessments summative it takes overnight for them to appear here.

Helpful Hints:

  • A summative assessment grade goes towards a students final grade, Formative (Moodle list these as 'Activity') does not.
  • Summative assessment grades will flow through to Result Entry - Formative will not.
    • You no longer have to release grades to students in order to get the grades to flow through to Result Entry.
  • The following are the only activities you should use as a summative assessment:
    • Assignment
    • Quiz
    • Forum
      Other activities we recommend you use as Formative and then return the student grades in a summative offline assignment.
  • Students will only ever see their Grade for a summative assessment, except for Quiz where they see their mark.
    • If the system asks you if you want students to see Mark and/or Grade this is a formative assessment.