In carrying out their role,

Study Help PALS are expected to:

Tickcollaborate with their Leaders and team to ensure the program as a whole is successfully delivered

Tickattend team meetings

Tickconsider their own study commitments when agreeing to take on tasks

Tickcomplete agreed tasks on time

Tickkeep their team informed of any developments or issues

Tickengage with students in a friendly and positive manner at on-campus events and online

Tickshow how to find Study Help resources via social media posts and in-person events

Study Help PALS are not expected to:

orange crossgive detailed demonstrations of using online resources other than Study Help

orange crossact as a student advocate

orange crossdeal with distressed or aggressive students

Study Help PALS must not:

crosscheck grammar, proofread, or comment on assignment content

crosspass on answers to assignments or supply possible assignment content

crossshare images or information relating to interactions with students (apart from reporting concerns about a student’s welfare to a Learning Adviser)

crossengage in Facebook or other social media communication with students they’ve assisted

crossget involved in discussions about personal issues