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Topics in this section include:

Order of Operations

 Watch this  short video on the concept (Opens in a new window and requires UniSA login)

Download practice exercises

          Order of Operation - Practice Exercises 1

           Order of Operation - Practice Exercises 2

          Order of Operation - Practice Exercises 1 Answers

           Order of Operation - Practice Exercises 2 Answers

 Links to useful resources

           Order of operations (Khan Academy)

          Understanding BODMAS (Newcastle University)

        Math games: Order of operation (softschools.com)

        Practice worksheets (softschools.com)


 Watch this  short video on Algebra Basics

Download practice exercises

           Algebra Equation problems - Practice Exercises

            Algebra Equation problems - Practice Exercises Answers

Links to useful resources

           Algebraic skills (RMIT University)

           Rearranging equations (Newcastle University)

          Solving Equations (Khan Academy)

          Linear equations and inequalities  (Khan Academy)

           Algebra activities (Softschools.com)


Click on the images below to access Khan Academy resources about trigonometry (all open in new window).

   Trigonometry with right angles (Khan Academy)

   Trigonometry with general triangles (Khan Academy)

  The unit circle definition of sine, cosine and tangent (Khan Academy)

  Radius, diameter, circumference and π (Khan Academy)


Click on the images below to access videos about using Excel (all open in new window, and require UniSA login).

  Calculating a basic sum 

 Copying, colouring and naming tabs 

 Freeze panes 

 Create basic charts from scratch

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