Lecture Recordings

Record Lecture

Prepare to record

  1. Turn on PC and log in.
  2. Set PC volume to maximum.
  3. Prepare other required equipment.
  4. Turn on the AV Lecture Recording Panel.
  5. Unlock the drawer using your office key.
  6. Attach the lapel microphone at chest level.
  7. Turn on the power pack and check the microphone is working.
    Note: Additional batteries are stored in the lectern drawer
  8. Attach the power pack in a secure position, eg belt
    Turn on the lectern microphone.

Note: Do not use both the lapel and lectern microphones. Also, two speakers must swap a lapel microphone as two cannot be used at once.

What is recorded?

Audio is recorded from the lectern or lapel microphone, CD or DVD.

Visual is recorded from the PC, a laptop, document camera, DVD or video player via the projector.
Note: Video camera recording is not included.

Start recording

AV Lecture Recording Panel

Select AVPC

  1. Select AVPC.
  2. Select Lecture Recording.
    Note: Once recording commences the status will change from IDLE to RECORDING and the light on the front of the lecturn will illuminate.

You must observe all Copyright protocols and pause the recording while playing copyright protected material.

From the AV Lecture Recording Panel the following functions can be performed:

Check recording status

AV panel

  • Select Lecture Recording.

Recording status

A. Status is displayed.
B. Recording Time Remaining is displayed.
Note: Closing the AV Lecture Recording Panel will not stop automatic recording.

Pause recording

Pause Recording

  • Select Pause.
    Note: Status changes to Paused.
    Note: Red indicator light on the front of the lectern flashes.
    Note: Recording Time Remaining continues to count down.

Resume recording

Resume Recording

  • Select Resume.
    Note: Status changes to Recording.
    Red indicator light on the front of the lectern glows.
    Note: Recording Time Remaining continues to count down.

Extend recording

The recording can be extended at any time once the recording has commenced and before the recording has finished.

Extend Recording

  • Select Extend 5 mins.
    Note: Re-select Extend 5 mins for a second and final 5 minute extension.

The Status will continue as RECORDING and the red indicator light on the front of the lectern will continue to glow.
The Recording Time Remaining will increase by five minutes (or ten minutes if Extend 5 mins is selected twice) and will continue to count down.

Mute audio recording

Select Mute

  • Select Mute.
  • Select Mute again to resume recording.
    Note: Volume DOWN and Volume UP controls the speaker volume in the room, not the microphone volume.

Finish recording

Select System Off

  • Select and hold System Off Hold 2 Seconds only if no lecture follows.
    Note: Recording automatically stops at the end of the scheduled lecture.

To finish the lecture early select Pause recording

Close down

  1. Log off from PC.
  2. Remove any media and close down all equipment.
  3. Turn off lapel or lectern microphone.
  4. Return microphone and power pack to drawer and lock the drawer.

A printed copy of this information is taped to the lectern in each Lecture Recording System equipped theatre.

For technical assistance, contact AV Support on 88555 between 8.00am - 9.00pm Monday to Friday and 2.00pm - 6.00pm on weekends.