Lecture Recordings

Manage Recordings

Edit staff access

Select manage lecture recordings

  • Select Manage lecture recordings on the Administration block.

The Echo360 login window will display.

Logon to Echo360

  • Enter User Name.
    Note: Use your normal UniSA User name.
  • Enter Password.
    Note: Use your normal UniSA password.
  • Select Log In.


Select the Echoes tab

  • Select Echoes.


Highlight the recording to be edited

  • Highlight the recording you wish to edit.


Select Edit Echo

  • Select edit.


Staff can be added or removed as presenters.


Add staff access

Select staff to be added

  1. Select staff name to be added.
  2. Select the select arrow.
  3. Select Save.


Remove staff access

Remove staff access

  1. Select staff name to be removed.
  2. Select the deselect arrow.
  3. Select Save.
    Note: Staff removed as presenters will no longer be able to view/edit the recording in the Echo360 Administration screen.


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