Lecture Recordings

Manage Recordings

Make a recorded lecture unavailable

Note: Hidden lectures will not appear on the Course Site.

manage lecture recordings


  • Select Manage lecture recordings on the Course Essentials block.

The Echo360 login window will display.

Logon to Echo360

  • Enter User Name.
    Note: Use your normal UniSA User name.
  • Enter Password.
    Note: Use your normal UniSA password.
  • Select Log In.

Select the Echoes tab

  • Select Echoes.

Hide a recorded lecture

  1. Select the lecture to be hidden.
  2. Select Make unavailable from the Actions drop down menu.

Recording is being made unavailable

Hidden lecture removed from available list

A. Total number of lecture recordings.
B. Number of Available lecture recordings.
Note: The hidden lecture is removed from the Available list.
C. Number of Unavailable lecture recordings.

Select the Unavailable tab

  • Select Unavailable to view hidden lecture recordings.

To make a recorded lecture available again see Unhide a recorded lecture

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