Lecture Recordings


Theory, pedagogy and teaching

Can I reuse lecture recordings from Study Period to Study Period?

Yes, recordings can be reused. Careful planning may help you create efficiencies in the development and reuse of recorded materials

When can I edit my lecture?

Once the confirmation email is received. Usually, this takes an hour after the end of your recorded session, but may take longer if the system is busy.

How do I book an unscheduled session?

Course Coordinators are able to request a manual booking by contacting the AV Help Desk on x88555.

How long do I have to edit the lecture?

The original recording is available to edit for up to a period of 28 days.

Can I add material to a presentation after a lecture?

This ability is currently unavailable.

I want to improve the quality of my lectures, where can I get assistance?

The University’s Teaching Innovation Unit provides academic support for all teaching staff. Workshops on teaching are conducted at a divisional level and individual consultations can be requested from academic developers at each UniSA campus. 

Policy and Administration

Is it compulsory for me to use the Lecture Recording System to produce an online resource of my teaching?

Whilst it is not compulsory, students have overwhelmingly indicated that they value and appreciate being able to access online resources produced by the Lecture Recording System. Therefore, the use of the LRS or the production of other rich-media course content is strongly encouraged as part of improving the student experience of UniSA courses. If you don't want to use recorded lecturers, you may wish to create other rich media recorded material form your personal computer using either the Echo360 Personal Capture system or iSpringPro, which helps you create audio enriched presenations for distribution to students.

How long are lectures stored for?

15 months

Who owns the IP to my lecture materials?

The University claims ownership of all teaching materials including lectures.

What if my lecture recording appears on the wider internet?

You have the right to request any unauthorised copies of your recording to be removed. There is a copyright statement on all lecture recordings produced by the University stating who owns the copyright. Persons wishing to reproduce this material are directed to the University’s Copyright Services who handle permissions.

What if I am using material in my lecture for which I do not have the copyright?

This depends on what kind of material you are using and where it has been obtained. Generally, the use of text and images is allowable provided they have been appropriately acknowledged. For a comprehensive answer please refer to Guidelines for recording and uploading lectures for UniSA students

Who can access my lecture recordings?

Students enrolled in a course can access recordings for that course after logging into their course site. All UniSA staff can login and access recordings via the course site.

Technical or procedural

Given only a certain number of lecture theatres have the Lecture Recording System technology installed at present (current list), how can I record my lecture material for students if I teach in a theatre without the technology?

You can ask the IT Help Desk to install a version of the software (iSpring Pro), or the Echo360 Personal Capture, on your desktop/laptop, so you can produce lecture and other learning resources for students either before or after your lecture. Note that this is also an option for lecturers who teach in theatres that have the Lecture Recording System technology installed, yet would prefer to opt out of recording the lecture live.

Why doesn’t the lecture recording include video of the presenter?

Research indicates that a small ‘talking head’ video of the presenter doesn’t add pedagogic value. There are also technical considerations regarding shot angle i.e. should it be set at narrow to capture a good head shot or wide to accommodate a pacing presenter? Either way, the end product could be compromised depending on presentation style.

How do students know that lectures are being recorded?

Notices are displayed in all LRS equipped theatres. Click to view notice detail in LRS help

What if a student says something rude/inappropriate/defamatory?

The presenter can access the LRS administration screen and cut out the inappropriate section of the recording. However, if the audio is recorded using a lapel microphone it is unlikely that comments from the audience will be recorded. Click to view help instructions for editing recordings.

What if I say something rude/inappropriate/defamatory during a lecture?

The presenter can access the LRS administration screen and cut out the inappropriate section of the recording. Click to view help instructions for editing recordings.

Is my lecture recording automatically published?

Yes. The recording will automatically publish to the course site when processing is finished. The presenter will be notified by email when the recording is published.

Does the flash version of my Lecture recording play on Apple products?

No Apple only plays MP3 or MP4

Why is there still a link when I didn't record a lecture?

This may be automatically generated if there was a session in the timetable. To address this issue, make the blank recording unavailable

Why didn't I receive an email about the publication of my lecture?

Emails are sent to the Class Instructor recorded in Medici. If you are not listed in the timetable as the person delivering the lecture, the email will not be sent to you.