What's New in this release

February 2020 Release

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New Features 

  • Bulk apply zero marks to groups
Challenge: Ensure only relevant student cohort is selected when using the “Bulk apply zero marks” functionality, for non-attempts on summative assessments (not applicable to Assignments).
Solution: Only students who are expected to have completed the summative activity will be displayed on the “single view’ page in the grader report.
  • Maths Display in H5P
Challenge: Maths symbols could not display in H5P
Solution: MathDisplay feature in H5P allows mathematical symbols in the interactive content activities. 

UniSA Online Only

  • ATTO box displays in full screen mode

Challenge: There was an issue with the dialogue box blocking the ATTO editor and preventing the dropdown menu from working.

Solution: Changes have been made to allow the ATTO editor to be used in full screen mode without disabling the dialogue box. The upload image popup window and dropdown are now fully functional.


  • UniSA User Webserver has been updated
  • OIDC Auth Plugin and view installed for Azure AD Authentication
  • Moodle Core Upgrade V3.5.10+