What's New in this release

December 2019 Release

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New Features 

  • Calculators and Scratch paper for online exams
    Challenge: Online exams are increasingly utilised across the University, with the challenge of balancing academic integrity with online learning an ongoing one.
    Solution: Enable the Generico plugin which will enable staff to provide a built in calculator to
  • H5P update 
    ChallengeH5P is used to create interactive content within courses. From time to time there are new content types added which provide new types of interactions.
    SolutionAdd the following two new content types:
  • Update learnonline help resources
    Challenge: learnonline is an evolving environment with new information and staff added regularly.
    Solution: Update to all existing staff learnonline resources.

UniSA Online Only

  • Ability to view rubric at full screen
  • Wording change on dashboard from “View completed” to “View previous courses”
  • Allow Learning Progress items to include special characters


  • Moodle core upgrade 3.5.9
    Note: UniSA’s Moodle is customised to match our Learning and Teaching requirements as such, not all features listed in the release notes are available.
  • Improve the display and consistency of long text line across browsers
  • Fixed bug with student last modified column
  • Remove UniSA Certificate activity. Use a template in Custom Certificate instead. 
  • Remove grid format
  • Remove SCORM as a summative assessment option
  • Update Library Guide links to new Library Guide web service
  • Upgrade H5P to latest stable version
  • Remove Adobe Virtual Classroom link from Course Essentials block