What's New in this release

September 2019 Release

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New Features 

  • Enable Show/Hide for eReserve in Course Essentials block
    Challenge: The Course Essential block contains useful information for students taking a course, including online readings however online readings are not always applicable to courses.
    Solution: Make the eReserve option in the Course Essentials block configurable by the Course Coordinator.
  • Video responsiveness
    Challenge: Videos are a common part of the online environment and are used on a number of different devices, as such, videos should be responsive.
    SolutionThe change ensure new videos are automatically made responsive in both the learnonline and UniSA Online environments. 
  • Scheduler enabled in learnonline
    With large cohorts of students, effective management of meetings with students can prove time-consuming and difficult.
    Solution: The scheduler plugin has now been enabled in learnonline. For more information see Scheduler Overview.

UniSA Online Only

  • New menu for non-courses now include an 'Activities' drop down.
  • Lynda.com update to link with LinkedIn Learning


  • Moodle core upgrade 3.5.7+
    Note: UniSA’s Moodle is customised to match our Learning and Teaching requirements as such, not all features listed in the release notes are available.
  • Allow quiz attempt and password override
  • SCORM date issue
  • Print Functionality Change
    Formerly assessment submissions could be printed via learnonline, this function has now been moved to an external source. 
  • RPNow secure browsing issue when clicking Finish review - fixes a core Moodle bug that affects the RPNow browser.