Invigilated (RPNow) Online Exams

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1. Introduction

IMPORTANT: RPNow is not available for 2021 SP2, SP5 or SP7 final and secondary examinations.
The TIU has
 an information page on conducting unsupervised exams with Moodle Quiz as part of the COVID19 response.  Also, see the help guides on how to use Moodle Quizzes.


The resource navigation is in the left menu, however, please ensure you are fully familiar with 2.1 Considerations for invigilated (RPNow) online exams.

UniSA is using Remote Proctor Now (RPNow) invigilation software to supervise online exams.

·         Online exams are built as a password protected Moodle quiz
·         The exam rules and configuration will be applied in RPNow by SAS

Students access the exam from their personal device using the RPNow application software.

·         This software records student's screen, webcam and microphone for the duration of the exam
·         This software disables some software from running, predominantly communication and recording software
·         Mandatory Training Quiz is completed prior to each exam by students ensuring they have the latest RPNow software, they meet system requirements and are familiar with the online exam process
·         View the student help resources on the Online Exams & Mandatory Training Quiz help page, here you can view the process that students must use to access the online exams

Exams are invigilated (aka proctored) post exam by RPNow staff.

·         Exam recordings are checked for rule violations (academic integrity breaches) that are set by the course coordinator
·         Suspicious or non-permitted activity is flagged 
·         Exam recordings are sent to SAS, any flagged activity reviewed
·         Normal academic integrity policy then applies. Assessment Policy and Procedures Manual (Section 9)


This is a ‘living’ resource and is expected to change as we collectively increase our knowledge capital in this space. If after reading this document you have questions regarding the process of running an online exam, please contact the TIU (or SAS dependent on the query) for further support.

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