Invigilated (RPNow) Online Exams

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7. FAQs

Quiz FAQ's

What is the 'Mandatory Training Quiz'?
    • This is the name of a short familiarisation exercise that students are required to complete prior to each exam.
    • Completing the ensures students are familiar with the online exam process prior to the exam.

What is the ‘Mandatory System Check’?
    • Students are required to complete a stand-alone systems test separately to the Mandatory Training Quiz. The Mandatory System Check is found here:  
    • During the system check, students will be required to share their screen in order for the connection to be verified.  Please be aware, this connection will not retrieve or retain any of the students identifiable information and the screen share will cease immediately upon connection verification.  
    • Students can complete the system check at any time without having to download RPNow and complete the full Mandatory Training Quiz.

What do the results of the RPNow ‘Mandatory System Check’ mean?

This process will check each component of the system to determine if it meets the minimum requirements required to complete the supervised online exam: streaming, camera, microphone and system.

The check will provide a separate outcome for each.  Outcomes include:

Success: The system component passed.

Warning: The system component may cause a problem during the exam. The results will display information/tips about the reason for the warning which will indicate any action to take.  For example, it may pick up that your microphone is too soft and suggest raising your mic volume or check is muted.

Failure: The system component does not meet the minimum requirement, and you will likely have problems that will prevent you from successfully using RPNow.  The results will display information/tips about the reason for failure.

Who can I contact for help with the design of my online quiz?
Are there limitations to the password used for an exam?
    • Passwords are to be alpha numeric. There is no character limit.

Technical FAQ's

Is there a shortcut for students so that they can get to the RPnow page without downloading the software every time?
    • Once RPNow has been downloaded for the first time a shortcut is created on the desktop and can be use for subsequent downloads.
    • Following downloads will be quicker, a few minutes, as the software is web based.
    • DO NOT save the software to the computer to ensure the latest software is always downloaded.
What should a student do if they have technical problems during an exam?
    • Contact UniSA IT Help Desk in the first instance for the support team will chat online to determine and fix the problem.
    • It is recommended that students install Team Viewer prior to the exam to assist with timely support should remote access be required.
    • If students experience difficulties specifically with the RPNow secure browser during their exam, RPNow contact support is available
    • Students must download the RPNow chat transcript prior to closing the chat window. 
    • Students must keep all references for any support obtained during an online exam.

General FAQ's

What happens if a student is late to start the exam?
    • If a student logs in late to an exam they will not receive additional time.
    • If a student logs in on time but starts the exam late due to technical problems they should contact UniSA IT Help Desk.  Students must keep all references for any support obtained during an online exam and submit them with any application for special consideration.

What happens if a student tries to access the exam early?

    • The student will not be able to see the exam name if the exam is still 'hidden'. PRNow will time out 10 minutes after the student enters Moodle if there is not activity i.e. exam is not available.
    • If RPNow times out the student will have to start the exam process again.
How secure is the data within the RPNow system?
    • PSI (the company) has confirmed that appropriate internal controls and data security routines are in place to protect data against loss or unauthorized disclosure or access to RPNow.  Access to video files is only provided to those who need it within the company and access to use and view records requires a company VPN to be setup.
    • The contract with PSI assures that PSI will never sell access to the video content to any other company for any reason.
    • Video recordings are kept in the RPNow system for 90 days before being deleted.
    • The RPNow platform used by UniSA uses a record and review approach rather than live streaming so students are not being watched live.  The platform does not use AI or capture biometric data. 
    • Access to the RPNow system at UniSA is strictly limited to select members of the SAS Exams team.
How is the exam setup in RPNow? 
    • The actual exam is setup in Moodle/learnonline by the Course Coordinator.   The RPNow system does not store any exam content.  Only information required to facilitate the supervision process is entered into RPNow by the SAS Exams Team.  This includes details such the exam name, start date, start time, duration, permitted materials and Course Coordinator name.
 Are the video files available for staff or students to view? 
    • Access to the RPNow video files is strictly limited to select members of the SAS Exams team.
    • Videos may be available to the Academic Integrity Officer (AIO) to view if they believe there are circumstances that deem a written report and/or screenshots insufficient to determine the outcome of a breach report. 
    • SAS aim to complete the breach report in a manner that eliminates the need for secondary review the video. 
    • If the AIO requires additional information on the breach report, or if there are extenuating circumstances where the AIO believes viewing the video is necessary, the AIO can contact the SAS Exam Team to discuss options.  Where it is agreed that a video review is required, due to highly restricted system access, videos can only be viewed in the SAS Currie St office.   Video reviews are not available to students. 
    • These processes and restrictions protect the confidential nature of the videos as well as the complex confidential security and business processes applied to proctored online exams.  It also considers the fundamental intent to implement a process for online exams that is, where appropriate, in-line with; face-to-face exam breach report processes; overall best practice expectations; and the policy A-46.11 Confidentiality of students' personal information.

 How long has UniSA been administering online exams using RPNow?

    • UniSA have been successfully administering online exams in Moodle/learnonline with the RPNow platform since 2016.  As at the end of 2019, approximately 3000 exams sittings have been scheduled per year with this number growing every year.

Do strict internet firewalls restrict the RPNow software 

    • Whilst PSI have advised the RPNow  software will work across the world it should be noted that if a country has extremely strict firewall protocols exam takers may experience issues downloading and/or running the software.   If the issue is due to government restrictions, support will be unable to resolve the issue.

 Why do we submit a ‘permitted materials’ list?

    • The permitted materials are a reference list only and is intended for the invigilators to refer to. 
    • The permitted materials list doesn’t change the functionality of RPNow.  For example, if you add a software onto the materials list, you will need to ensure that it isn’t a blacklisted item and has been tested and works in conjunction with RPNow. 

How can I test if specific software applications or devices will work in conjunction with RPNow?

    1. Install RPNow and commence the Mandatory Training Quiz
    2. Open the specific software or device you want to test and complete questions within the quiz to simulate how you would use the software or device within the exam
    3. If the test is successful and you would like to proceed with using the software or device in the exam, you must ensure it is added to the ‘permitted materials’ list. Your permitted materials need to include as much detail as possible to ensure students are not flagged for breaching exam conditions.
Will RPNow block text-to-speech software? 

Generally, RPNow will not block text-to speech software, however, to be certain, the student can test this when they complete the RPNow Mandatory Training Quiz.  For further information please contact UniSA Access and Inclusion:

Please note: If the text-to-speech requirement is not documented in the students’ access plan it will be flagged as a breach of examination rules and a Breach Report will be completed and sent to the relevant Course Coordinator and Academic Integrity Officer. 

Can students use medical equipment, such as a blood glucose monitor, in a supervised online exam? 

Yes, but students must have an Access Plan confirming this requirement and the student must show their equipment/phone app to the webcam and explain verbally of their intent to use the equipment. Please note: If the medical equipment requirement is not documented in the students’ access plan it will be flagged as a breach of examination rules and a Breach Report will be completed and sent to the relevant Course Coordinator and Academic Integrity Officer.

 Why does RPNow think I am using Camverce?

 If RPNow displays a ‘terminating program’ error for Camverce software, you most likely have the Panopto software installed on your machine.  Panopto utilises the Camverce software.  Below are two solutions you can try.  Both solutions require you to have local administrator access to your computer.  If you don’t have local administrator access, please contact IT Help for assistance 

    • Open Task Manager, select Panopto from the list of Processes, and click End task, or
    • Exit out of RPNow, right-click on the PSI Secure Browser icon on your desktop and select Run as administrator
 Can I postpone offering a secondary exam until I next run the course? 
    • No. The secondary exam must be offered in the next available exam period to allow students to sit their secondary exam as soon as possible after the completion of their study.  This advice is based on literature that suggests there is a direct correlation between the timing of the final assessment/exam and student success. Hence, pushing the secondary exam out further is viewed as disadvantaging the student. 

What is the minimum gap between 2-part online exams?

    • The mandatory minimum gap is 30 minutes between Part A and Part B of an online exam.
    • Part A must not exceed 90 minutes to ensure students have a break between logging out of Part A and logging into Part B

If a student doesn’t complete the Mandatory System Check and Mandatory Training Quiz can they apply for Special Consideration if they experience issues in their exam?

    •  Yes student can apply, however approval will depend on the circumstances.  Campus Central will assess if the secondary assessment application meets the criteria for special consideration (APPM section 7), which includes meeting the criteria in 7.8.  If it does, it is referred to the Course Coordinator/OCF for consideration as per clause 7.7.9
    • After considering the application along with all other relevant information available to them, the Course Coordinator/OCF will decide on the outcome in accordance with 7.7.10. Relevant information may include whether the student has completed the Mandatory System Check and Mandatory Training Quiz, but also things like the student’s exam performance/mark or any known technical issues impacting students in the exam, or the student’s general performance in the course.



UniSA Online Exam FAQ's for students