Invigilated (RPNow) Online Exams

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2. Before the exam

Information for academic staff to assist in determining if an online exam should be the method of assessment and requirements for developing the online exam

2.1 Considerations for online exams

What academic staff need to consider when making the decision to hold an online exam

2.2 Exam Administration

Reading time, exam duration, exam times, permitted materials, blacklisted applications, definitions

2.3 Scheduling an online exam

Exam Portal: Online exam request, exam & password naming convention

2.4 Staff Communication

Important dates, overview of emails from Exams Team for UniSA and UniSA Online staff

2.5 Exam Design

2.6 Course Design

2.7 Moodle Quiz Design

2.8 Communication with Students

From: SAS, UniSA Online, Academic Staff

For reference:

General Timeline for UO online exams.

Online exams for non UniSA Online courses follow the same process. Timelines and terminology differ. Online exam emails sent from SAS are specific to UniSA Online or UniSA

 Checklist for Academic staff