Invigilated (RPNow) Online Exams

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2. Before the exam

2.2. Considerations for invigilated online exams

Academic staff should –

Review the academic calendar for exam periods and core teaching periods for UniSA Online and UniSA.

Review important dates in the Invigilated (RPNow) Online Schedule of Activities for all online exams on the Exams SharePoint page.

Determine if an Invigilated (RPNow) online exam is the most suitable form of assessment.

Speak to an Online Educational Designers (OED) from the Teaching Innovation Unit (TIU) for considerations and policy queries.

Complete the Mandatory Training Quiz to experience what an online exam will be like for students.  This is also an opportunity to check possible software applications required for the exam are not blacklisted and operate as you intend*

*See Check RPNow BLACKLISTED applications at the bottom of this page

Consider exam design

(Exam Design chapter 2.5)

Required outcomes.

Reading time, exam duration, exam times, materials permitted in relation to online exams.

Url set up in Moodle.

Advise students an invigilated (RPNow) online exam will be undertaken in the course outline and Moodle course site.
Schedule the exam via the Exam Portal: Online Exam Request (OER) by required dates.
  • Important dates: Exams SharePoint page - Invigilated (RPNow) Online Schedule of Activities for Exams. 
  • Liase with the Academic Services Officer to schedule online exams via OER.
Consider if Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEA) will require extra time to complete the exam.
  • Requiring a new exam with longer duration to be configured in Moodle.
Secondary assessment exams (supplementary, deferred and special consideration exams) are scheduled into the Exam Portal at the same time as final exams.
  • Secondary assessment exams to be scheduled via OER with final exam.

Consider course design

(Course Design chapter 2.6)

Course design may require exam practise to be built into the course.

Check RPNow BLACKLISTED applications

Check the following list to ensure that any applications you want students to use during the exam have not been blacklisted by RPNow:

If an application you are wanting to use is on the blacklist, consider the requirement for the application.  Does it pose a risk to exam integrity?  If you are unsure, discuss with your Program Director/Program Facilitator.